Crafting Disney Mickey Ears

Yesterday, we got together with a few friends to make DIY Disney Mickey Ears!

They were a bit harder to make than what we thought, but super fun!

We watched two different videos on Youtube for instructions on how to make DIY Disney Mickey Ears. The first one is how to make the ears, and the second one we watched just the portion on how to make the bow. I’ll also include a link of the headbands we used.


DIY Sully Mickey Ears

Headbands from Amazon

If you are a Disney passholder, or just a Disney fanatic, I definitely recommend making yourselves a pair of Mickey Ears! We went to Jo-Anns Fabrics for our material, foam, and stuffing and ordered 1 1/2 centimeter headbands from Amazon. You can get great inspiration from both Pinterest, Google, and Youtube.

Many of the material we bought from Jo-Anns were cheap, and this craft can be very affordable.

Now, I present to you an individual portrait of each person with their DIY Mickey ears!

Abby made 101 Dalmatian inspired Mickey Ears! They are super cute!

Ashley made Aladdin & Jasmine themed Mickey Ears! The colors are very nice!

Natalie, my niece, made Ariel inspired Mickey Ears! The “fin” material changes colors depending on the light, which is very neat!

Delanie, my sister, made Beauty and the Beast inspired Mickey Ears! They surely are beauties! đŸ˜‰

I made Star Wars themed Mickey Ears! I think they turned out pretty cool.

Image result for little mermaid i want more gif


We had so much fun making our ears yesterday that Delanie and I decided to finish up another pair today!

I made Tigger inspired ears! I plan to add whiskers onto the bow.

Delanie made Minnie Mouse ears! It was very creative for her to do them reverse from the Classic Minnie style.

We had a great time making DIY Disney Mickey Ears! If you decide to make Mickey ears, let me know in the comments! I’d love to see a picture!

Are you a Disney fanatic? Do you own any Mickey Ears?


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