Charis Rae Launch Tour

As I am sure many of you all have heard by now, Grace from The Girl Upstairs has started a new blog!

Lemme just say, it is beautiful!

About Charis (the blogger):

“I’m Charis, the heart and soul behind this blog.

My name is pronounced CAIR-iss – rhymes with Paris. It’s Greek for Grace – hence my former blog alias.
There are many lengths and depths to my personality, but I will try my best to capture a bit of myself on my page and your computer screen.

I am a…

Dreamer. Dancer. Writer. Photographer. Bibliophile. Grammar Freak. Comment Sucker. Pluviophile (look it up!). Thespian. Star Wars Nerd. Jedi Master. Ultracrepidarian (look that one up, too!). Devourer of Books and Lit. Fangirl. Lover of Life. Princess and Daughter of God. Looking for a Mind at Work.

I enjoy…

Dancing. Singing. Being Onstage. Pointing my Toes. Stretching. Cameras. Sunshine. Miniatures. Pinterest. The Blogosphere. My Followers ❤ . Tumblr photos. Popcorn. Ricecakes. Chips. Stir Fry. Jelly Beans. Salad. Kale Chips. Eating (can’t you tell?). Watching Movies. Swimming. Swinging. Summer. Alliteration. Writing. Crafting Plots. Killing Characters. Emojis. Shopping. Musing. Silence. Stars. Nighttime. My Bed. Sleeping. Artwork. My Pen Pal. Letters. Books. Reading. Words.”

About Charis Rae (the blog):

“From the time I was a little girl, I was obsessed with words and literature. I was always reading books and making up stories inside my head. As I got older, I was introduced to blogging, and was hooked from the start.

My first blog – titled Charis Rae – was a private, Blogger-hosted blog read only by my family and close friends. I even had a mini email list.

But as I kept blogging, I thirsted for feedback and connections with other bloggers. My readers weren’t very active and my blog wasn’t read or commented on, and I wanted to be able to share myself with a larger audience. So I created a public doll blog, told from the point of view of my American Girl dolls. And as time passed, I wanted to be able to blog from my perspective instead of my dolls’, and went on to create a personal blog titled The Girl Upstairs, where I blogged under the pen name of Grace.

Still more time passed, and I was thirsting for more community, comments & feedback, and relationships. I had met some amazing people, but Blogger’s system wasn’t satisfying me. I wanted more. I began to be interested in WordPress. After thinking it over, I decided to ’round the bend and switch to WordPress.

Since being on WordPress, I have continued to grow and evolve as a blogger. The WordPress version of TGU gained more support and followers than I could imagine. My love for blogging blossomed, and I am extremely thankful for the support of so many amazing people out there.

While on WordPress, I had always thought about possibly creating a self-hosted blog on a more professional platform. But it wasn’t until my dad prompted me to do so that Charis Rae was born.

At the time I’m writing this, Charis Rae is fresh in the blogosphere. I don’t know what lies ahead for me and my blog, but I only know that the best is yet to be.”

Charis has lots of fun plans with her new blog, and I am so excited to take part of her launch tour!

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of Charis Rae, and I hope you go check her blog out and give it a follow. 😉


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