A Look Back On…October

Hello fellow nerds!

I can’t believe it is already November!


~October Posts~

I’m Now a Harry Potter Fangirl

I discovered Pottermore and shared what house I was placed in, Ilvermorny house, wand, and patronus!

The Versatile Blogger Award

Vivian from Writing with Style nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check out my 7 facts about myself!

~Books I Read~

chamber-of-secrets prisoner-of-azkabannight-gardener

I enjoyed every book I read this month, and I actually just finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire yesterday!

~Favorite Posts~

I haven’t been reading many posts lately, but here are a few!

Ginny’s Makeover ~ Clara’s Craft Corner

DIY Piper McLean Cosplay ~ Let’s Be Lost

Best of 2016 ~ A Barefoot Gal

Harry Potter Facts About My Dolls ~ Love My Dollies

~What I Was Up To~


We went to HorrorFest down at Munn Park with our friend Brooke and hung out! We also got ice cream after. ;P

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde & Charles Hosmer Morse Museum

Our homeschool group watched the play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater! It was very good. After, we went to the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum and I took lots of pictures of the stained glass! I will be sharing them soon!

Joggin’ for the Noggin 5k

We went to this last year with our friend Belle and it was so much fun! So, we decided to do it again! There are zombies on the trail and they chase/scare you. This year, we dressed as a theme- One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!

Silver Springs

Our homeschool group took a trip to Silver Springs where we go to ride the glass-bottom boat. It was amazing! We also walked around on the trails, and ate lunch there.


At our co-op Halloween party, everyone dressed and brought food and we all played games. I was dressed as the Devil. My favorite game we played was the skit game, where we had to make up a commercial or skit. 😀

That’s it for October!

What was your favorite event this month?


The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Vivian at Writing With Style. Thanks for nominating me Vivian!



  1. Display Award
  2. Thank the person who gave this award and include a link to their blog
  3. Share 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers

Here are my 7 facts about me:



1. I am a vegetarian and gluten-free. 

I am actually allergic to wheat and pretty much have Celiac Disease (I was never actually officially diagnosed though). I am vegetarian for health reasons…and for the animals. 😉



2. I own 9 pets.

My family actually has 6 dogs and 3 cats. Our dogs are: Luke (German Short-Haired Pointer/Australian Shepherd mix), Phoebe (Mix), Minnie (Boston Terrier), Percy (Pug), Prince (Miniature Pinscher), and Missy (English Cocker Spaniel). *Thinks of a post idea* My cats are Tiger Lily, Jack, and Annie.



3. I am involved in 4-H.

This is actually my 5th year in 4-H. I have been president for 2 years in my club, Top Dog 4-H, and I’m currently the Secretary. I am Secretary of the Polk County Youth Council, and also was last year. I’ve been involved in the dog project for 4 years, and have done the photography project and the theatre project. 4-H is a organization that has tons of projects for you to be involved in, while learning leadership, community service, and communication.

The future is an open book


4. My favorite school subject is language arts and my least favorite is math.

I LOVE language arts! I like reading books obviously and I like writing essays. I am actually better at writing essays than creative stories. I absolutely hate math, and I am not very good at it either. Also, I am homeschooled (in case you didn’t know!).



5. I’ve never been outside of the country.

Unfortunately, but would love to one day!



6. I love fall, but hate winter.

I hate the cold. But I love fall because the weather is perfect…and it is my preferred fashion style.

7. I love pop music.

Pop is my favorite genre of music. I love listening to today’s hits!

I Nominate:

Loren from Let’s Be Lost

Grace from The Upstairs Girl

Megan from A Barefoot Gal

Tara from Flower In a Rainy Day

Allie from The Depth of My Faith

Clara from Clara’s Craft Corner

Bella from The Daydreaming Damsel

Julia from Julia’s Journal

Grace from Grace’s World

Megan from Book Slayer Reads

Thanks again Vivian for nominating me!

‘Til next time,


A Look Back On…September

Hey there!

I’ve always enjoyed reading Grace from The Girl Upstairs Monthly Highlights posts. She has inspired me to start my own!

I am calling them ‘A Look Back On…’.


~September Posts~

The Infinity Dream Tag

Loren from Let’s Be Lost tagged me for The Infinity Dream Tag! It was lots of fun answering her questions.

Bulow Plantation Ruins & Bongoland

I shared my photography from the Bulow Plantation Ruins and Bongoland. This was a field trip with my homeschool group.

Florida Southern College Tour

One of my friend’s mom is an alumni from the Florida Southern College and took us on a tour of the campus! I shared my favorite photos I took there.

~Book I Read~


I didn’t read much this month. I am currently reading Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets.

~Favorite Posts~

Some of my favorite posts from fellow bloggers this month were:

{loyal} ~ Clara’s Craft Corner

Some Hermione Granger Photos! ~ My Doll Neighborhood

Prepping for NaNoWriMo ~ The Girl Upstairs

How to Be a Ninja ~ Let’s Be Lost

~What I Was Up To~

Dog Obedience Clubs of Florida (DOCOF) Show

I competed in the DOCOF trial with my pug Percy. I was very proud on how we did! Our club, Imperial Polk Obedience Club, sent 3 teams this year. I was on team 2. Team 1 won 1st place, Team 2 won 11th place, and Team 3 won 18th place! It was a great success!

Tut, Tut!

This month was our show weekends for Tut,Tut! and I had a blast! I was the character Samia, one of Tut’s servants. I miss my theatre friends though. *sniffles*

West Side Story

Our homeschool group went to go see West Side Story at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater. It was amazing! After the show, a few of us went to Chipotle for lunch.

Cracker Country Museum Day

This year, my sister and I are volunteering at Cracker Country. Our first event was Museum Day. It was at the Florida State Fairgrounds. We dress up as Florida Crackers (pioneers) and get assigned to an area. We then talk to people about the time and the designated area. I was assigned to the Smith’s House. Although it was a long 6-hour day out in the heat, I had lots of fun!

SeaWorld and Aquatica with Friends

My family has SeaWorld and Aquatica passes. This month was ‘take a friend free’ month. We took our friends too SeaWorld and Aquatica. It was their first time, and we all had a blast! We also ate at Chipotle for dinner after.

Well, that’s it for September!

Did you guys enjoy reading this post? 

‘Til next time,


I’m Now a Harry Potter Fangirl

Hey everyone!

So, recently I have joined the Harry Potter fandom! *Harry Potter fandom applauds*

I am currently reading the second Harry Potter book  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

I have also discovered this amazing website called Pottermore.

On Pottermore, you create an account. You can then find out your Patronus, Hogwarts House, Ilvermorny House, and your Wand through a series of quizzes.

I, of course, have created an account and took all the quizzes.

Here is what I have discovered:

My Patronus: Swiftpatronus_swift

My Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff


My Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie


My Wand: Elm wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12 3/4″ and Hard flexibility


You can also read more information about your Pottermore things along with shop, explore, and read about writings of J.K. Rowling.

This site is amazing and I am now addicted! OOPS!

Along with all this excitement, I also created a Harry Potter meme!


This is the first meme I have ever created.

And yes, more are in the works, but they all aren’t necessarily Harry Potter themed! 😉

 Anyway, if you are a big Harry Potter fan, I recommend checking out Pottermore and creating an account!

What is your Patronus? Which Hogwarts House are you in? Which Ilvermorny House are you in? What’s your wand?

Farewell fellow Witches and Wizards(and the Muggles too),


Florida Southern College Tour


This past Friday, my homeschool group went on a tour at the Florida Southern College.

I went picture crazy!

I took tons of pictures, and they all came out very well.

I’ll just share my favorites with you though. 😉

I hope you enjoy the photos:




I took this photo using the ‘Creative Shot’ mode on my camera.








Which photo do you like best?

‘Til next time,


Bulow Plantation Ruins & Bongoland


On September 9, 2016, my homeschool group visited the Bulow Plantation Ruins and Bongoland here in Florida. There were tons of awesome photography ops! We saw a Pygmy Rattle Snake, lots nature, and cool ruins of old sugar mills.

Bulow Plantation Ruins:


Pygmy Rattle Snake we found right along the trail!


Crab Spider


I don’t know what this is but it is cool.


Sap from a tree.


An extremely bright green, fallen tree.


A hole in that same fallen tree.


Doesn’t that tree look like an awesome hideout? *Hides in it and scares friends along the trail*





I think this is my favorite ❤




Random photo of a log.



Look at the cute little lizard!






This is another one of my favorites!



A Giant Ground Sloth!














Well then…thanks for the warning Mr. T. Rex!


Well, those are all the photos! I had so much fun taking these photos.

Which ones are your favorites?


The Infinity Dream Tag

Loren from Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes nominated me for the Infinity Dream Tag!


What is your favorite name that starts with K?

I’d have to say Kayli.

What are your birthday traditions?

I wouldn’t say we necessarily have a ‘tradition’, but usually we do a small celebration with the family at the house and we will go out to a park (depending on the passes we have). My Grandma’s birthday just passed and we took her to Aquatica in Orlando.

Do you prefer to write by hand, or type things up?

Type! Type! Type! I think of things way too fast. My hand either can’t keep up, or it is so sloppy I can’t read it.

Do you collect anything?

American Girl Dolls (my blog is All Things Doll), books, notebooks, and I have a weird obsession with buttons.

What is your least favorite chore?

Dishes! Each of us are assigned a chore, and mine, unfortunately, is dishes. At least we have a dishwasher! 🙂

How long have you had your blog, and what is one tip you would share?

I actually just started The Nerd Notebook on August 23, 2016. I have been blogging on my doll blog All Things Doll for 2 years (it’s actually been almost 3 years now!).

My tip is to make sure you post consistently. I am guilty of not doing so. But I have noticed that the more consistently you post, the more engaged your followers stay.

Do you prefer to read short blog posts, or long ones, and why?

It really depends on what kind of post it is. If it isn’t one of my interests and it is long, I’m not going to read it. If it is an interest and long, or short, I’m going to read it. If it is short and I follow your blog, I’m going to read it.

What is your favorite month of the year?

I would have to say is either April or May. During these months, the weather is perfect. It isn’t too hot nor cold, and school is still in, which means we can go to the water park with no lines!

If you were given $100, what would you do with it?

BOOKS! And an Instax Mini 8 Camera.

If you could visit one fictional world, which would it be?

Definitely the Percy Jackson world (or should I say Camp Half-Blood?). I would absolutely LOVE to meet all the characters!

Do you write your blog posts way ahead of time,or do you tend to to write them on the spur of the moment?

I don’t usually write my posts ahead of time, unless I know something is coming up and I’ll be super busy. This post has been written on the spur of the moment. 😀

I tag:

Grace from Crazynerdycrafyhomeschoolkid

Megan from A Barefoot Gal

Grace from The Girl Upstairs

Bella from Book Sweet

Allison from A Farm Girl’s Life

Here are my questions (I”m going to keep some of the originals):

1. How many pets do you have?

2. Do you collect anything?

3. When did you start blogging, and why?

4. How many books have you read in August 2016?

5. What is your favorite school subject?

6. If you could visit one fictional world, which one would it be?

7. If you were given $100, what would you do with it?

8. What is your least favorite chore?

9. Which is better, mermaids or unicorns?

10. If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be?

Have fun answering the questions!